Reframe of Mind


  • Episode 7: Challenging our limiting beliefs in business and life

    In this episode of Reframe of Mind, Louise and Andy seek advice of experts on their business journey. But make no mistake, this ISN’T an episode about business, rather challenging and overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold us back from giving our dreams a go. Professor of Entrepreneurship, Alex Maritz, from La Trobe University shares the truth about senior-preneurs and late transitions to self-employment and busts the belief that ‘old dogs can’t learn new tricks’. And Female Economy expert Jacinta Carboon, who has been instrumental in the fight for gender equality in corporate Australia for decades, tells us just how important and undervalued the female economy is.

  • Episode 6: Who is Nathan Parker? 2021 NSW Young Australian of the Year

    NSW Young Australian of the Year, Nathan Parker dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot for the Royal Australian Air Force from the time he turned six. He was on the way to that dream when a bus accident left him severely injured resulting in the amputation of his left hand. Nathan was the first upper-limb amputee in the history of the Australian Defence Force Academy to complete his final 12 months and graduate, and has since represented Australia in sports bringing home gold at the Invictus Games. With the aid of his bionic arm, Nathan reached his goal of becoming a pilot, and now teaches others to fly as well. In this episode of Reframe of Mind, Nathan tells Louise and Andy about his 'make one consistent small choice to move forward' philosophy and takes us along his journey of recovery, from which he wants to continue to share his message of resilience and assist, encourage and inspire people everywhere to transform their toughest times into their greatest opportunities.

  • Episode 5: How to be OK with who you are

    Scientia Professor Joe Forgas AM chats to us about tribe identity in the context of family and the wider community, raising the question of whether it’s better to hear the hurtful things people say, because suppressing their freedom to say it doesn’t remove their feeling about it anyway. Get ready for your first dose of “Joe bombs”! Andy and Louise talk about their own relationship to and with different 'tribes' in relation to family and work and how they have used those affiliations to limit themselves in the past.

  • Episode 4: Who is Daphne Kapetas?

    Daphne Kapetas is the founder and CEO of La Joie Skin, and has been working in the industry as a Chemist for thirty years. Daphne’s can-do attitude is grounded in belief in herself with a large sense of humour. She has competed in “Tough Mudder”, is learning to pole dance and when we met her, was learning how to skin the cat which is an acrobatic term we’ll let her explain. Having grown up in a Greek family and lost her father when she was studying her HSC, Daphne learned some great techniques to get her through tough times. We know you’ll enjoy hearing what she has to say as much as we enjoyed talking with her.

  • Episode 3: Understanding Depression and Anxiety

    Depression and anxiety often turn up hand-in-hand. We explore these two common mental health issues with the help of The Happiness Institute Australia’s Dr Happy, Dr Tim Sharp, Associate Professor from School of Psychological Sciences at the University Of Tasmania, Dr Kimberley Norris and, Dr Lisa Saulsman, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy specialist and Senior Lecturer for the School of Psychological Science, University of Western Australia. Together we explore the signs, symptoms and treatments, with an intention of de-stigmatising issues around depression and anxiety, with some personal stories from Louise and Andy, as well as some tools from our guests.

  • Mental Health Crisis Resources

    All content related to Reframe of Mind podcast is for general informational purposes only and contains stories and discussions around mental health that may be disturbing to some listeners. If you're concerned about yourself or someone you know, please seek professional individual advice.  Some of the main crisis lines in Australia are listed below, including those that operate 24/7.

  • Episode 2: Who is Dinesh Palipana?

    Dinesh Palipana is doctor, lawyer and disability advocate. He became QLD Australian of the year in 2021, and was the first person with a spinal cord injury to graduate from medicine in Queensland. Dinesh talks to us about his ‘personal why’ and how it has supported him to thrive in a career he loves despite initial well-meaning but misplaced concerns from people around him at the time of his recovery.

  • Episode 1 – Why your mental health matters

    More than just a podcast about depression and anxiety, Reframe Of Mind is a mental health podcast from Australia that deals with toxic positivity and explores tools for mental health offered by scientific and mental health professionals and people who have find their own way out of some dark places.

  • Reframe of Mind Coming December 6!

    Reframe Of Mind cuts through the platitudes and gets to the core of living authentically, challenging our assumptions and improving mental health with the guidance of good science, philosophy and learning from other people’s lived experiences. Over 42 episodes, talking to 31 guests, Louise and Andy unravel their own stories in a fight against toxic positivity, finding that space where the truth no longer hurts so much, and healing can take place.